Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Berikut adalah tulisan YB Wangsa Maju Wee Choo Keong mengenai politik racist DAP yang suka melabel dan melakukan pembentarasan ala MacCarthyism dengan hanya berdasarkan tuduhan.

Cara ini yang digunakan oleh Lim Guan Eng dan balacinya Jeff Ooi terhadap semua mereka yang menentang Lim Guan Eng.

Tulisan Wee berikut:

I have been steering away from the present controversies that had befallen PR. When I am asked to respond to the controversies by reporters, I have constantly refused to make any comment although deep down in my heart I am in full agreement with what had been stated by my colleagues in PKR, who are loyal to the PKR cause.

Now that YB Jeff Ooi, the MP for Jelutong and chief of staff to the Chief Minister of Penang, YB Lim Guan Eng, had chosen to drag me into the controversies, I have no alternative but to respond to his wild allegation.

YB Jeff Ooi, a blogger in KL turned politician in the General Elections of March 2008, had categorically stated that 4 PKR MPs will jump ship but he did not know to which (BN or pro BN party) they will join. My name was also mentioned as one of the MPs. I would like to categorically deny the accusation by YB Jeff Ooi and the other little napoleons and state I have no intention of joining any of the BN component party or pro BN party as accused.

This innate behavior of DAP leaders playing “Politics of Tagging” whenever their higher-ups are faced with problems and then resorting to a smear campaign to accuse others of being “BN agents, disgruntled politicians, wanting to jump ship and what-have-you” is all too familiar.

What should have been the right thing for them to do is address the real problems that had been highlighted instead of stooping so low.

This desperate act is similar to the McCarthyism practised in America during the 1950’s when most political problems faced by the power-that-be were somehow because of acts of sabotage by communists.

This style of low class politics can continue to carry on in DAP but it must be stopped within the PR if we are serious about wanting to see a change of government in the 13th General Elections.

If YB Jeff Ooi thinks that “Politics of McCarthyism” or “Politics of Tagging” will be able to divert public attention from the present controversies and hoping that they will vanish, I am truly sorry for him for making such a green-horned, misguided and wrong political judgment.

It was most unexpected of YB Jeff Ooi that he should see it fit to drag me into the controversies by making such an irresponsible and unfounded allegation against me. I believe that by the nature of his job and as a novice in politics he had to do what he did. I don’t like to sue politicians and newspapers but I am left with no alternative if YB Jeff Ooi does not retract what he had told The SUN within 48 hours.

I am sorry YB Jeff Ooi as I have to do what I have to do – like what you had done but certainly not as blissfully asinine.

Wee Choo Keong

- from The Unspinners

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